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How to Care For You Flowers

Cults Florists are experts and have lots of helpful advice for our customers on how is best to look after their flowers to keep them fresh and beautiful.

Maintaining your flowers isn’t difficult when you know how to, a few simple steps and guidelines will mean your flowers are stunningly fresh for as long as possible.looking after your flowers is very important as key to ensuring their longevity and freshness.  Cults Flowers always recommend you follow these steps so you can enjoy your flowers for as long as possible.

Cults Flowers

Firstly, always remove the wrapping and any extra greenery from your flowers, excess greenery in the water can cause a bacteria which can have a bad effect on any flowers you have. Cults Flowers next recommended step is to prepare your vase or container and add the flower food cults Flowers have supplied with your flowers, make sure you always clean the container first and fill half way with lukewarm water, any extremities in temperature can have an adverse effect on the flowers. If your flowers are kept in a room which is too warm your flower stems will dry out and this stops the flowers absorbing any water which means the flowers will not absorb any water, which they need, this is the reason they die. If your flowers from Cults Flower already come in a vase or container all that’s left to do is occasionally change the water and trim the stems. Cults Flowers always recommend cutting your flowers on a diagonal cut, this gives a bigger surface area to the stem, allowing it to absorb as much water as possible. Stems should be trimmed a few cm every so often.

The next thing to consider with your Cults Flowers is their positioning, do not place your flowers in direct sunlight or they will perish quickly due to dehydration. Also do not place your flowers in too hot a temperature, in summer your flowers may last slightly less time than usual, this is due to the heat causing the flowers to blossom quicker and is completely normal. Cults Flowers always suggest that you take into consideration the temperature too hot or too cold can have damaging effects on your flowers.

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Cults Flowers are happy to help if you have any questions regarding your flower care or would like information on specific flowers you can contact us via phone or email and one of our florists would be happy to help. Alternatively Cults Flowers provide all of our customers with a care guide which will help keep you right with the little details you' ll need to know for the freshest flowers possible.